You have the sun, I have the moon.

Many of you probably know about Andy Weir from his novel The Martian. The Martian was a novel about astronaut, Mark Watney, after he gets trapped on Mars due to a dust storm forces his team to evacuate. The Martian is full of humor and science. Weir does an amazing job painting an interesting sci-fi world.

In his most recent novel, Artemis, Weir creates another amazing sci-fi world that rivals the world created in The Martian. Artemis focuses on Jazz Basahra, a smuggler who has spent most of her life on the moon. While delivering to her best client, Jazz is presented with the crime of a lifetime. One that will pay off her debts and then some. However, Jazz find herself dropped right in the middle of a fight for control of the city she’s known most of her life. Jazz is now in more danger than she’s ever been and must got deeper if she has even a chance to survive.

Artemis was a lot of fun. Weir’s story flourishes with his touch of humor and adventure. However, Artemis is different from The Martian in that it focuses on Jazz’s relationships with the other characters and how they work together to solve the problems within the city. The Martian was focused only on Mark and how he had to rely on himself. I think this change between stories really showed Weir’s versatility in how he writes his characters together.

I was very impressed with Artemis. It was full of fun, humor, and adventure. I loved the way Weir created the city of Artemis (he even included maps, which is always cool!). He also did a great job at creating interesting characters who were very human (even though they lived on the moon).

Artemis gets a solid four out of five stars from me. Weir is the best at sci-fi novels laced with humor and the intricacies of humanity. I’ve enjoyed both of his novels quite a bit. If you’re looking for fun, Artemis is for you!

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