It’s been a while…

And many things have changed.

I want to get back into reviewing books and talking books with whoever is out there because I’ve really missed it. Before I get into reviewing books though because I don’t even know where to start yet, I wanted to give you guys a little update:

  • I started a new job back in May. I work for a pet retail company now in the marketing department and it’s a dream. On any given day there is a dog in the office and, sometimes, my dogs make an appearance.
  • I fixed up a house over the summer. It was an undertaking and we’re still not totally finished yet, but it’s been so rewarding to see the before and after of this space that’s now ours.
  • My boyfriend started med school! Yes, he interviewed and got in and I couldn’t be more proud. I honestly can’t believe he’s in and starting this new chapter in his life.

It seems like everything and nothing has changed over these past few months, but I am really excited to get back into writing about books. I think I’m going to start with a review of Skyward by Brandon Sanderson because his books have dominated my life this year.

That’s all for my updates, let me know about yours below! I really would love to hear from you!